A theory of colour for roleplaying games

Pour les anglophone, voici une idée fort intéressante pour toute campagne historique, permettant de montrer l’influence des PJ au-delà de quelques changements de noms et de frontières.

Games From Folktales

William Gladstone was a British prime Minister, who did the various sorts of things leaders of Empires do, but for the purposes of gaming his most interesting feature is that he popularised the idea that the classical peoples were colourblind. Now, we know this wasn’t true, but he thought their colour-blindness was the only explanation for what he found in their literature. If only one person had said the sea was the colour of wine, you might put it down to a poetic whim, but strange misattributions keep happening in classical texts. Hector has blue hair, honey is green, the rainbow has three colours. Gladstone thought this meant there was something wrong with the eyes of the people writing.

I’m also drawn to think about the colours in the Egyptian tombs in The Lands of the Nile. I wonder, did their deco-inspiring use of bright primaries occur, in our…

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